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Get Away From Your Website, And Get Website Traffic

website-trafficDid you know that successful internet marketers only spend twenty percent of their time on their own website, and eighty percent on other websites?

This is true. Consider the situation. If you spend all of your time writing good content, you may be defeating your purpose. I am not going to undermine good content. You have to have it, not just to get visitors to your website, but to keep them there.

As you get an idea for some good content for your website, you should have a very good perception of what you want, and how you are going to present it to your readers. Therefore, half of the challenge is over. Now, it is time to post that content. If you know what you want to write about, go ahead and write your content, edit it and post it. All of this should take you no more than twenty minutes. After you do this, get away from your website and go elsewhere. If you stay on your website, you will not be driving traffic there. You now want to attract visitors. The only way you can do this is to go to other websites where you can generate some backlinks.


To Get Website Traffic, Go Where The Action Is.

After posting your content on your website, you then need to do the following four things.

  • First, visit a free website development site like Google Blogger, Squidoo or Weebly. Post similar content on these platforms. To avoid using duplicate content, you may want to change the wording in your content. You may even want to spin the article. I recommend using Free Article Spinner to do this. After posting your content to these free blogging platforms, be sure you include a link, or links to your website. This will give you some backlinks immediately. Also, you may want to include some of your affiliate links on these free sites. Use your own judgement, and don’t overdo it.
  • The next thing you want to do is surf the internet for as many websites and you can find that are related to your niche. Make sure that the sites you visit have a high page rank, and allow comments. To find these websites faster, I recommend that you use a service called Google Alerts. This is a free services offered on the web that are designed to help you build backlinks. Always include a link to your website when you post comments. Most comment forms will ask for the link before you submit the comment. Don’t post affiliate links. Otherwise, your comment will probably not be approved by the website’s moderator.
  • Third, surf the web and find as many forums that you can that are related to your niche. The purpose of a forum is to provide a place where people in the same business, or niche can help each other, and exchange ideas. A forum is not for advertising or selling. If you approach it this way, you will get banned the same day you sign up, and probably within minutes of creating your first post. Most forums will allow you to edit a signature, with a link to your website, which will be automatically included in your post. This results in a backlink to your website. Some forums allow the posting of affiliate links. However, be very careful when doing this.
  • Finally, post all of your links to social media sites. Post particularly to Facebook and Twitter. You may want to post the links to the free blogging platforms also. If you do this, however, make sure it is different from your post linking to your website.

In summary, spend as little time on your own website as possible. Create your content, make sure it is posted correctly, and get away from there. The more time you spend on your website, the less chance you are going to generate traffic. The traffic is not going to come to you. You have to go to it. You will be surprised how many backlinks you can generate immediately, from just a single post.

So, every time you post content to your website, always follow through with the above procedures. If you have any questions, of would like to exchange your own ideas with us, by all means, please submit a comment below. We wish you the very best success in your efforts to generate backlinks.

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