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How a Well-Known Entrepreneur Put the Customer First

Tom-MonaghanA few years ago, I was watching late night TV. As always, I was punching the remote, and looking for something interesting to watch. Sometimes it is difficult to find something good after 11:00 PM. Fortunately, I came across something that was very informative. I decided to keep the television tuned in to this channel, and watch the entire show. To this day, I am very glad that I did. What I learned from this program is something that has stayed with me to this day.

There is a channel on the cable and satellite systems known as the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). This station is a Global Catholic Television Network located in Irondale, Alabama. The station was founded by the famous Franciscan Nun, Mother Angelica. At the time, she hosted the programs. Since then, she has retired.

On the night I will never forget, she had a very special guest on her show. He is an American entrepreneur. As one of the most respected gentlemen in the world, he is a devout Christian man who is very active in the Catholic Church. He is also a pioneer in his particular niche. During the program, he and Mother Angelica talked about the successful business that he had built. He actually demonstrated his product on the show. In addition, he showed viewers exactly how he did business, by actually making a sale to a customer. Later in the program, he explained that he came up with an idea to distribute his product. This was a new idea. No other business in his industry ever thought about it. Immediately after thinking of this revolutionary concept, he immediately researched the industry to learn how others perceived his idea. The results of his findings was that this new concept was nothing but a gigantic hassle. The other businesses in the industry simply did want to be bothered with it. The entrepreneur did some further market research and arrived at a huge conclusion, which was:

No one in the industry wanted any part of this new concept. . . No one, except for one group of people – THE CUSTOMERS.

Consequently, the entrepreneur decided to put this new concept into practice, and in the process, built one of the most successful businesses ever. As he did this, he became the sole leader in his niche. Since then, the gentleman sold his business so that he could devote his time and considerable fortune to religious causes, the pro-life movement and other conservative causes. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars supporting these causes. For nine years, he was the owner of a Major League Baseball Team. In one of those years, his team won the World Series.

The entrepreneur’s name is: Tom Monaghan

The Company he founded is: Domino’s Pizza

His idea was: Home Pizza Delivery

The baseball team he owned was: The Detroit Tigers

The year he won the world series was: 1984

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