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Never toss your junk mail in the trash. Shred-it, or you can lose everything.


I don’t mind getting junk emails, because no one else sees them, and they can be deleted with one click. But I do mind getting certain kinds of junk mail delivered to my mailbox. It costs me a lot of time. I have to go through them, look at each piece individually and shred them. This is very annoying, but it has to be done. I take precaution and there’s a reason.

4 types of junk mail, and how they can hurt you

The pieces of junk mail delivered to my mail box are 4 kinds:

  • A retailer advertising their items on sale
  • An insurance company wanting to sell me a policy
  • A utility company advertising additional services
  • A financial institution wanting me to apply for a credit card or loan

The mail received from retailers is not a problem. I’ve found some very good deals from these pieces of junk mail. But the remaining kinds are he ones I don’t like to get.

An insurance company, utility company, and especially a financial institution has access to some very sensitive information. Anyone can use these for their own personal gain, and my destruction. I’m not comfortable tossing these in the waste basket. Eventually, I’ll have to empty it, they’ll go to the dump and someone there will see them and use what he sees to his advantage.

Many criminals guilty of identity theft got their information from the trash.

I get many pieces of junk mail from Capital One, informing me that I’ve been pre-approved for a credit card. I told you in the article on the credit card trap that offers for credit cards received by mail are usually scams. But whether it’s a scam or not, I don’t want anyone else to see these.

dumpster diver can find it. Then he fills out the application and gets the credit card. Finally, he goes out to buy anything and everything he wants, and lives a temporary life of luxury. In 30 days, you get the bill for something you don’t know about, spend a whole day tracking it down and finally, cancelling the credit card. In the meantime, this guy has damn near cleaned you out.

And when the smoke clears, who is responsible for the balance? I’ll give you a hint. IT’S NOT THE DUMPSTER DIVER. Even if you can get out of paying the balance, your credit is ruined.

Don’t take any chances. Always glance through your junk mail. If you see something that interests you, keep it. Not all junk mail is bad. As for the rest, run it ALL through a SHREDDER. If don’t have a shredder, buy one. They’re not expensive. It could pay for itself many times. If you buy one, buy a crosscut shredder, because it also shreds credit cards, disks, and, it leaves no trace of the document.


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