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Website Design and Online Marketing Companies – BEWARE

online-marketing-companiesWebsite Design and Online Marketing Companies – Some Just Take Your Money and Run. They are Sharks. Stay Ashore, and Beat Them at Their Own Game.

I don’t like to post content like this, but I feel it is my duty to my readers to protect them from the sharks that are out there just waiting to rip them off. Beware of Companies that advertise themselves as website design companies, but who represent themselves as online marketing companies. By the time you read this article, and follow through with my recommendations, you will know as much as they do about website design and online marketing, if not more.

If You Have a Website, Everyone Wants a Piece of You

If you have registered a domain name, or created a website, word usually gets out to many con artists who will contact you and try to take your money without doing a darn thing to help your online business. They offer to market your website and promise you that you will be the next online success story, provided you give them a credit card number. Once you give them this information, you will never hear from them again.

A similar experience happened to me several months ago. I was contacted by a well-known Internet Company that advertises on its website that they are a website design company, but, who represents themselves on TV as an online marketing company. Now I am basically a nice guy. Therefore, I am not going to publicly reveal the name of this Company for three reasons:

  • I don’t want to risk being in violation of the Lanham Act.
  • I don’t want to publicly bad mouth any Company, and get into trouble.
  • Finally, as I said above, I am basically a nice guy. I also believe in the statement, What goes around, comes around. Believe me, this works both ways.

Some Website Design and Online Marketing Companies Don’t Tell the Truth

Many Companies that represent themselves as Online Marketing Companies advertise on their websites that they perform the following services:

  • Website design
  • Small business web design
  • Ecommerce website builder
  • Small business website
  • Local seo services
  • Website design ecommerce

Then, when they advertise elsewhere, and contact someone like you, they are suddenly experts in online marketing. They try to convince people like you that you desperately need them to market your website.

Then, once your newly created website is listed with Google, Bing, and other places on the internet, they contact you. They know that you have probably never visited their website and therefore, know nothing about them. Then, they paint a perfect picture of how they can successfully market your website, and get you on the first page of Google in two weeks. “Just leave everything to us,” they tell you.

There is one catch. You have to give them your credit card information in order for them to get started. Once you do this, they will charge your account $75 a month or more, and you will never hear from them again. Most likely, they have sold your account to another company, and you are no where to be found in their database. This seems far fetched, but I have the actual testimonials that prove what I am saying is true. I have 170 to be exact, and 170 people do not lie.

This exact situation happened to me several months ago. Face it – we are all human, and we all make mistakes. I had just created a new website that I wanted to market. The deal was, they were to submit my website to all of the search engines. Two months later, I did some checking, and not one search engine had any information about my website.

Anyway, I called them to inquire about this, and they claimed to have never heard of me. I insisted that they do some checking. After spending two hours on the phone with them, it was discovered that my account was sold to another Company. Immediately, I cancelled my account. Then, I simply asked that they send me an email explaining exactly what was done with my website. I didn’t want my money back. I just wanted to know what they did, so I would know how to do it (if I don’t already know). To this day, they have not done this. Five months later I asked for a refund. To be honest, I still don’t want a refund, but instead, want to know exactly what was done. This is the reply I received, and my response to their reply:

Dear Charles Mundi,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the investigation of
your claim.

After a thorough investigation, we must deny your request for a refund.
We have determined that XXXXXXX performed the services requested and that the sale was authorized by your company.

If you have any further questions regarding our decision, please call
us at the number listed below.


Claims Investigation Department






OK, That’s fine.

Now, I want a complete transcript and description of what was done for
me. Get this to me by 3:00 PM Monday, and I will forget it. You can email
it at this address. If you did what you were supposed to do, you should have no
problem providing me with this information. If you can’t provide this
information to me, then it is apparent that you are not telling me the

Please get me the information immediately, and there will be no

This is merely a request.

Charles Mundi

Well, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that I never heard from them again, and don’t expect to. This is just a cost of doing business. The best thing is to just move on, and go for better things.

The point I am trying to make is this. Don’t allow a Company that represents themselves as a leading online marketing company stronghold you, take your money, and get out of your life. As incredible as this sounds, this is exactly what many of them do. I’d like to go farther with this and say that this is probably what all of them do. Website design and marketing are two different things. These illustrious companies cannot possibly know how to do both, but you can. Just keep reading.

Create Your Own Website – Don’t Use a Third Party Shyster

Create your own website. Don’t let some third party scammer do it for you. You and you alone are the only person who knows exactly how your website is to be created. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is run a Google search on every topic having to do with creating a website. Even if you are not familiar with creating your own website, you can learn what you need to know in a day or two. Don’t let some crooked website design company trick you into believing that you need them to do this for you. Do your research, and in a day or two, you will know as much as they do, if not more. How do you think they learned about creating a website? Probably, they learned it the say way I am recommending that you learn it – through Google searches. There are tons and tons of free and valuable information on this topic on the web. Take advantage of these excellent resources.

Market Your Own Website – Take Advantage of Online Marketing Resources

There is no right or wrong way to market a website. All this involves is, getting your website exposed to many people who will, hopefully, become frequent visitors to your website. If something accomplishes this, it is the right way. Many of these fraudulent companies claim that they are experts at marketing a website. There is no such thing. Again, run Google searches on marketing a website, getting website traffic, and getting free website traffic. You will see many companies who would love to charge you to do it for you. You will also see many tips, and a lot of free information that will tell you exactly what you need to do. There are tons and tons of free information on how to market your website. All you have to do is sort it out, and put it together. This takes a little time, but so what? What else do you have but time to build your business? Do this, and again you will probably know as much as these so-called experts, if not more. Again, how do you think they learned how to do it? They did it the same way I am suggesting that you do. And if they tell you different, they are liars.

Don’t Let Online Marketing Companies Manipulate you

Companies who claim to be experts in website design and marketing a website are merely on a fishing expedition. They want you to be their fish. Don’t get caught. Don’t let them bully you. Do your research, and you will know more than they know. They will try to convince you otherwise, but don’t let them manipulate you. All they want is your money, and a lot of it.

Online Marketing Courses – Great Investments

Sometimes you will have to spend the money to get the resources you need to market your website and generate traffic to your site. There is a big difference between a small, one-time investment, and, paying some marketing company as much as $300 a month. Over the last three years, I have purchased many of these online marketing courses, and have achieve great results. An investment like this is never a waste of money. And the price of these additional resources, compared to what you would pay otherwise, is pennies on the dollar.

The best thing about this is, your are paying to learn to market your website yourself. Every thing that goes on is something you have control over, because you are doing it. You are in control.

There is one other thing to consider. Every course available in marketing a website, and generating traffic to a website will work if you just apply the principles. Even if you don’t apply the principles, you will still gain valuable information that you did not know before. Anytime you can accumulate more knowledge, your investment has paid off. You never know when you will use this knowledge to your advantage, and you will.

Following are some of the internet marketing training manuals that I recommend. I recommend them because they are distributed by a very reputable company, and, they have been around for a long time. Believe me, if something is not very good, it will not be around very long.

Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software
Traffic Generation Software Pulls More Instant Traffic Than Internet Giants Google, and Yahoo.

The CB Passive Income
This is the BEST book you can read about creating wealth and making money from the internet, period. The Internet is one of the fastest ways to create multiple streams of income and Clicking Cash can show you how. Read this book as soon as possible.

Get Cash For Surveys
ANYONE can take paid surveys. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, or what language you speak! You WILL get paid for your opinion!

Magic Submitter
See how Magic Submitter pushes you to the top of Google. This will send you qualified traffic, and give you more customers – all on autopilot.

There are many excellent resources on marketing your website and generating traffic. The ones listed above are some of the best. Many of these is where those Online Marketing Companies learned what they know, and are wanting to display their knowledge to you for over a thousand times the cost.


When I originally sat down to write this article, I was going to display some actual testimonials from actual people who allowed the Company referred to above to just take their money and run. However, I have decided not to do this. I am not a real SOB. If I were, I would tell you the name of the Company, and display these testimonials. I told you above, and I will tell you again. I am basically a nice guy.

I don’t want to discredit anyone. I don’t want to hurt anyone. All I want to do is help people like you build a successful online marketing business. Just like you, I am accumulating knowledge about building a successful online business every day. Any knowledge I accumulate will always be passed on to you. It is important to me that you are successful in building your online business, and I going to do everything I can to help you achieve this.

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