Who and what are you blogging for? These are 2 million dollar question.


These million dollar questions are sadly overlooked by bloggers.

When most bloggers submit a blog post on their site, chances are, they never think of the people who they want to reach, and the people who they want to read their content. This is the key element in blogging. Not knowing the answers to these question defeats the purpose. When you read this, you’ll have a complete different attitude towards blogging.

Blogging has to have a reason and it must be the right reason

bloggingThe number one reason for blogging is to post the best content possible to your website. You want to build relationships, friends, followers and a community that believes in you. This leads to the other good things that will result from a first rate blog.

Blogging just to get more traffic and sales is like whispering in the wind. You have to have a reason for blogging. The desire to get more traffic is a good goal. Too bad it’s not the right reason. Blogging just to get traffic might get you a few hits, provided you’re lucky. The few insignificant hits you get won’t be worth the effort. You have two chances of monetizing your blog this way, slim and none.

You have to know who you want to reach. Do this, and you will quickly realize who you want to sell your products to.

Put yourself in the place of the person visiting your blog. Assuming you’re looking at your website for the first time, what would you be looking for? An different answer from that of your readers would surprise me.

Thinking this way will give you a completely different perception of blogging. Blogging will take on a different meaning for you – the right meaning.

Every time you create a post, ask yourself these questions:

  • First, what do I want to blog about?
  • What category of people would be interested in my blog?
  • Who can I help by submitting this blog post?
  • Who can I entertain by submitting this blog post?
  • Assuming I was searching for something related to my blog post, what exactly would I be looking for?
  • What exactly would I want to know about this subject that I don’t already know?
  • Approximately what percentage of the population is interested in what I am blogging about?
  • What material can I come up with as a continuation of this material, for future blogs?

Finally, ask yourself the most important question, “Why am I Blogging in the first place?”

There are a hundred more questions you can ask yourself. The above questions will point you in the right direction.

No doubt about it. This blogging stuff can be lots of fun. I intend to make it more fun.

Thank you for spending this time with me. By for now.



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