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Social Media taken to a new level

Social Media taken to a new level

May 8, 2023    CharlesMoney-Innovation and Creativity    CharlesMoney-Innovation and Creativity

11 ways to come up with great, amazing, creative ideas
11 ways to come up with great, amazing, creative ideas

11 ways to come up with great, amazing, creative ideas

11 ways to come up with great, amazing, creative ideas

Brilliant ideas change the world. Things that were once a part of someone's imagination are now things that people know about, love, and have accepted as the normal.

These new ideas have suddenly become something that the average person cannot live without.

In this article, I am going to show you 11 unique ways to come up with some of the most brilliant and creative ideas you can possibly come up with.

Remember one very important thing - When you find the brilliant idea you’ve been searching for, GO WITH IT, and EXECUTE it immediately. Ideas without execution are worthless.

1. Find your passion

When creative people are passionate about what they do, they do it much better. They are motivated by the work because of the challenges and the great satisfaction it provides.

Internal motivation increases creativity. Other motivations, such as making money will prevent you from being productive and coming up with truly amazing ideas.

Creative people who thought of ideas that changed the world never intended to make a dime from what they did. It just happened.

2. Solve a problem

Creative ideas are simply solutions to problems. Think of some of the things you would like to see changed for the better. Then, work on finding a solution. Chances are, if there are things you would like to see changed, other people will feel the same way.

3. Remember that all ideas are crazy

All new ideas are crazy. Why? Because they are new. They are unique. They have never been seen before. If something is new, and has never been seen, naturally people are going to think it is crazy.

Don't even consider the possibility that your idea is crazy. The craziest ideas in history have turned hard working, struggling people into multi-millionaires.

4. Ask yourself a very important question and find the answer

Here’s the question you must ask yourself:

“What do people not know about, and will not be able to live without when they find out about it?”

This is a million dollar question. No one knows the answer. You must find the answer. When you do, you are on your way to changing the world.

11 ways to come up with great, amazing, creative ideas

5. Never go anywhere without a pad and pen

You will get ideas when you least expect it. If you don’t write them down, they are lost forever, because you will never remember all of them.

Even if you come up with that one, AMAZING, idea, that you know you will never forget, don't take any chances. Write it down!

I said a pad and pen, but you can text your ideas in the notepad in your smart phone. You can also record them on your voice recorder. As long as you document and save your ideas, you are good to go, My Friend!

6. Once a day, allow yourself to be bored for at least an hour

Boredom re-programs the brain.

Turn off the TV, put away all of your devices, prop your feet up, relax, and just sit on the sofa or your easy chair for at least an hour. Think of NOTHING.

Suddenly, you will notice your brain switching to a different mode. Thoughts you never imagined will come into your head.  Boredom opens up the mind and you will do nothing but think, think, think.

And by the way, have a pad and pen close to you. This time, really use the pad and pen. Don’t have any of your devices near you when you’re doing this. It will get you way off track, and this is not what you want.

7. Listen to meditation music when you are about to fall asleep at night

Have your device next to you when you go to bed. Before you retire, do the YouTube search, “Manifest ideas while you sleep” and go to sleep with the video playing softly.

These videos are very long, and you will fall asleep long before they have finished playing. Your sub-conscious mind will take in what you hear on the video.

After doing this a few times, you will come up with some ideas you never thought imaginable.

8. Create a “Bug Me” list

Every day, write down 5 things that really BUG you. In about a week, you will have problems that you, and most likely, everyone else will want to have solved. You will also have some amazing ideas.

9. Write down ideas at random

Take 10 minutes out of your 24 hours. Now write down any random 5 ideas that come into your head. It doesn’t matter if an idea is awesome or the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever heard. Write down EVERY idea that comes into your head.

Do it for 5 days in a row. Automatically the ideas will start getting better and you WILL have so many world-changing ideas that you won't know what hit you.

10. Keep a journal every day

Write down everything that comes into your head. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be good, bad, ridiculous, trashy, senseless, useless.No one but you will ever see it.

When the pen takes over, the mind opens up. You will learn some things about yourself that you would have never imagined.

You can do this on your laptop with Note, Word, Pages, etc.

11. Learn to ‘Think Outside the Box’

From the time we are born to the present, we spent most of that time learning. The things we learned are things that other people thought of. These are the things that work for everyone, day in and day out. These things are ‘Inside the Box’.

This is where we live, and where it is safe. The disadvantage is, opportunity is limited. When you ‘Think Outside the Box’, it is unknown territory. You’re on your own. You’re not in a place where things other people have thought of exist. The only things that exist here are the things you think of.

You’re now outside the box. It is very risky. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be worth pursuing. The possibilities for tremendous opportunity is endless here. Huge rewards are there for you. You have to find them. The only place you will find them is outside the box.

Concluding thoughts

All of these 11 unique ways to come up with great ideas are the exact ones the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet practice every day. While they may be new to you now, they will not be in a few days. Practice each of these 11 ways, and you will be the next entrepreneur to change the world.

I hope this article has helped you.


Remember! At CharlesMoney, we are here to help you succeed.

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